Taking Action

It has been again a long time since my last post, which I wrote almost three quarters of a year ago. I promised to write about the things I would learn in life. In these past month I read many books and articles and listened to audio books on my bicycle commute to work, but I never got to share anything of it. With all this input, I had many ideas and while I read and listened to all the wise words, a lot of things made perfect sense. I had many moments where I thought to myself: “Wow this is great! I should implement that in my life and adopt this method immediately.” But…I never made solid plan for any of this.  In the next couple of days I would read about another idea and forget about the first one. I noticed that this was going on a while ago, but then last week something happened.

Someone wrote me an e-mail and asked me about my blog and about what I promised to write about. Someone held me accountable for what I said. And in fact, I did not ever deliver any work. Now I got pushed into the right direction, challenged to once more bring up this blog and start writing. At the moment I believe that being held accountable for the things you say is one of the strongest engines to get something done (let’s consider me writing these sentences already as proof of that).  And I believe it is more powerful if that statement comes from someone who is not from your family or closest friends. At least for me the last part is true. Somehow I feel a stronger commitment in this case and I think it is because of the same reason why it is sometimes so easy to postpone a meeting with a close one (“they will surely understand my reasons”) than with someone you don’t know too well yet (“if I cancel now, they will think I am lazy/unreliable” – which I probably was over the last couple of months). So I had one week to come up with something to write about and I thought about many topics, which made it hard for me to find anything concrete. So what should my actual topic for this come-back-article be?

I chose “Taking Action”, because starting from now I plan on implementing weekly experiments on taking action. It is somewhat inspired by this TED talk (try something new for 30 days) by Matt Cutts, which I watched years ago. But I choose a much shorter time frame of 7 days, since 30 sound like a huge commitment to me at the moment. Following the mantra of “taking small steps”. The experiment for this week will be to write the time I wake up on a whiteboard that is standing in the living room. This is quite easy to do, but it is still my (last) hope that this has a big impact on something I have recently been struggling with – getting up in the morning, as many people do. I want to get up earlier to simply have more time during the day, since I can leave work much earlier and still have time for other things. Why do I choose to write it on a whiteboard? I will be more accountable, since other people will see it as well as me. And while I see it all the time, I will feel quite bad if there is a big 9 am instead of a 6 or 7 am. In order to avoid this feeling, I might be more motivated to get my legs to the ground on the next morning. My aim will be to not have a single day after 7 am during the workdays. I will let you know in my post next week of how it went.

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