What let me to start this blog

I have had this idea of starting a blog and writing habit for a while now. I do not remember what thought train let me to wanting to investigate my life more, I only remember that I was quite unhappy with my life and ended up reading this book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg among others in order to change something. The ideas in the book, how the brain works and how we can leverage it’s powers to our advantage really got me thrilled. So I started some habits myself, like doing push-ups every day and writing a short journal entry for each day, since the writing habit was promised to be the most powerful. As I started to notice that I was really able to do my push-ups more consistently than before, I wanted more of course. So I researched a little on habits and found the blog of this guy James Clear at http://jamesclear.com/. The articles he wrote blew my mind and I subscribed to his newsletter. One day he wrote a moving tribute to Scott Dinsmore who recently passed away (in September 2015). I actually remembered him from a TED talk that I had watched (http://liveyourlegend.net/tedx/) and stared as one of my favorites, but somehow never got the chance or motivation to actually check out the movement he started. With this tribute post about him, I decided to change that.

This is how I become a big fan of his movement Live Your Legend and I was eager to read every content I could get my hands on. That was the first time, I read about the ‘Start your Blog’ challenge they are having http://liveyourlegend.net/the-2016-start-a-blog-challenge/ and I instantly started to dream about having my own blog and becoming an entrepreneur. The latter was very tempting since I had some troubles at the job I recently started after having graduated from university. BUT this never happened, well until now. I finally managed to overcome my fears and thoughts like “Who would read it anyway?” and “I am a math guy, I am now writer, this is clearly not for me” and “I just don’t have the time right now, soon when things are less stressful, I will definitely participate in this blog challenge”. Well times never got less stressful, there was always something way more important than overcoming my fears of putting myself out there.

So what finally got me to start this? I actually abandoned Live Your Legend for some time but continued to be curios about life, how the brain works and read all this self-help books. Therefore I think it was a slowly growing process that let me to finally make this step and start the blog, which I still don’t fully understand. In order to do so, I am planning to post about the posts and books I have read and moments that I think let to my decision to make a change in my life (which I think starting an online blog is). As Sherlock Holmes, whom I am reading at the moment, puts it ‘Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person.’ In my opinion this holds true for any other matter than criminal cases, too. So I am planning to go ahead and stating my cases (things that I rack my brain on) to the online world.

In essence, this is blog is for me to understand how life works and breaking down the problems I have to face in live into elementary understandable pieces. Since I am a software engineer this will probably include a lot of tech related posts too. In general, I am not planing to have any theme or spending much thoughts on getting more readers or any readers for now. I will just post about what is on my mind and what I want to understand fully, anyone who is interested in the problems is welcome to read along of course.