What difference do you want to make?

Okay, I lost it again. At the end of march I was able to complete two posts of the blog challenge on consecutive days. That was great! I felt pretty good about it. But somehow I lost track of the writing habit and did not get back on it and finish the challenge – until now (fingers crossed). Of course, it would have been much cooler, if I had finished this blog challenge in one week – the time-span it was designed for. But getting back at something that is important to you after having failed over and over to finish it also deserves some credit in my eyes. (As long as you don’t fail on purpose to give yourself some more credit, which I suspect I might be doing sometimes.)

Before writing the actual post and answer the writing prompt question, I asked myself what stopped me again from keeping this writing thing going? Since I write a short journal entry every day I was actually able to do that. How cool is that? A little journaling usually does not take too much time or effort but can have big payoffs like in my situation now. On the days in question I took some vacation days for about two weeks and just relaxed, enjoying some time with friends and family. No problem there, since we must take some time off now and then. But after the two weeks I did not get back to writing and the main reasons I identified were too much stress at work and lack of willpower, motivation and sleep. Ironically, as I am writing this, I think that all of these problems are more or less resolved for now. I did not stress out too much about open problems at work recently, got my motivation back by encouraging comments I received from friends and family who read my posts and I took good care that I got my necessary hours of sleep. As at least some willpower comes back automatically when you are well rested, I was able to sit myself down with my laptop and get to write.

So let’s get to the actual question: What difference do I want to make? Again, that is a tough one for me. When I was young and naive I dreamed about being a world changer, solving problems for humankind like hunger, war conflicts or the extreme capitalism. Now, I might be still young and naive, but at least a bit little wiser, I think that I should bake smaller buns first. (This site phrasen.com tells me the equivalent english saying is “to eat humble pie”.) What that means is, that I should focus on things I can influence and take tiny small steps to improve myself and maybe also my environment. Then my goal will be to share my experiences here.

For now I want to get back to experiment with new ideas I read about and most importantly analyze the way these ideas seem to work and state my case about that matter on this blog. This is the main reason I started it in the first place. In essence, the difference I want to make (refraining from using my usual diplomatic “I would like to make” here) is to get people to think more about their actions and about all kinds of things that they deem worth thinking about. The things I deem worth thinking about and the ideas I consider “worth spreading” I want to post here. (You might also get a few TED Talk links.). I hope you will also share your ideas somewhere, if just when talking with other people, and not hold them to yourself, since diversity can sometimes make all the difference.

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