What makes me angry about this world?

Okay, time to deliver! I guess there are  many things these days that could get your blood boiled, but lately what bothered me most lately was laziness, mostly my own. I am bringing this up here, because I think that a lot of times the environments we live in, support laziness over action. We align the furniture in our living room with respect to the TV, so we end up on the couch quite often. And what is on air these days, is sometimes far beyond educational. Shows like ‘I am a celebrity … get me out of here’, which is still in production here in Germany after many years, and other random game shows are also an the rise on the traditional channel, which usually are considered to be more educational. Of course, after a long working day it is nice to let your mind relax for some time and just be taking elsewhere, wherever the screen takes you. But does it have to be a jungle where people eat disgusting food and do more disgusting things in order to get some extra food? If that is still the concept. And yes I have to admit that I also have seen an episode or so in the first year. There might be the many reasons to watch these kind of shows, but I cannot make out any good ones. Sometimes picking up a book is a better choice, but more often than not, turning on the TV with the remote is easier done than getting up and fetching your book.

But it is not only our living room, the are escalators everywhere, even at the stairs that lead to the fitness center. If there is a choice between escalator and stairs what do you pick? For most people the escalator is the default choice to take. Of course, there should always be an elevator for people who otherwise could not reach the platform at the train station etc, but many most of the time the escalators take up unnecessary energy and rob many people of a little workout, that they later have to pay for in the fitness center. I know it might be a small thing, but this kind of unnecessary waste of resources just bugs me.

Our kitchens are sometimes also filled with things we not really need, like an egg boiler. A simple pot with water and a timer does the job just fine in almost the same time. If we have to search first for the egg boiler through all the other kitchenware we might as well be even faster with the good old method. And both the pot and the timer can actually be reused for many other purposes. Being against capitalism probably is not very sexy, but we overproduce so much and so many unnecessary things, while at the some time failing to distribute our resources around the whole world. But who does not know that already? … And we are still always looking for the cheapest price, that does not necessarily comes from appropriate wages for the people who produced it. Writing about topics like poverty and the unbalances of the world is probably not easy and a bit worn out maybe, but I still want to give this some thought in the feature and remind myself that there is always a choice between products. Sherlock Holmes says in A Case of Identity: 

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

I believe the same holds true for our daily choices. How do we design our environment? Do we rob ourselves of even the littlest exercises during the day by avoiding the stairs? And do we actually care where our products come from? I think these choices make out a big share of who we are and when I think a bit back I am not always proud of my little choices. But everyday I take the stairs with a little smile on my face, knowing that we still have choices. And we have to start somewhere right? No matter how small, it’s the little things that are most important.


  1. Andi

    I really like what you are writing here 🙂 Laziness really is a big problem, also for me, I have so many things that I want to do but “never find the time”, which is just an excuse in the end… yesterday evening I started somewhere, I picked up a book instead of the usual Netflix session – and I enjoyed it much more in the end! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you will start writing more soon 🙂

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