What Revolution Will You Lead?

This is exciting, my last post to complete the Blog Challenge. The writing prompt is again a big question, so let’s think big and ahead of the tiny small steps I mentioned in my previous post. To put it bluntly, the revolution I want to see happening is that people use their brains more often and are conscious of their decisions (especially me).

In today’s world it is quite tempting to often avoid thinking. We have so many options to keep us occupied, let it be the TV, our smartphone or the radio. After a long workday there is of course nothing wrong with wanting to relax a little and let your mind be taken to another place. But we should be aware for example, that during our sessions of YouTube-Browsing or just watching whatever is currently on our TV-channel, advertisements tell us subconsciously which products to buy. Moreover, the TV-channel’s editor tell you what to watch in the first place. In general, there are probably many people who will gladly do all the thinking for us (i.e. deciding for us), but not always in our best interest. Be it advertisers who want us to buy unnecessary products or owners of gambling halls etc.

As I see it, the best way to fight back against manipulation, is to eliminate the pray. Like when we cut our plants and trees to get rid of bugs and pests. As long as the stupidest but manipulative advertising slogans increase sales, we will continuously get more of these. It seems that short slogans in huge letters increase sales a lot more than an ad that is actually informative. But that is only my perception, I did not have the time to check the numbers yet. Another problem is, that it is not so easy to escape from advertisement, since it is everywhere. In general, advertising our products is a necessity. We have to make our products known to the world in order to get any profit out of it or share the benefit of our products. What pains me is, that advertising becomes less and less informative but rather focuses on appealing to our primitive senses. So instead of contributing to our decision making, advertisement often makes it even harder to arrive at an objective decision or just makes us buy things we would never have thought of buying on our own.

The best protection I can come up with for now, is to be aware of what we consume on the radio, TV and the internet and eliminate as much advertisement as possible. There is a plugin called Adblock that you can install in your browser to eliminate most ads from your browsing experience. When I am driving in the car I started to listen to my music instead of the radio, since there is a 5 minute ad block every half hour or so. Speaking of revolution, I would like to see that our interactions in this world happen more honestly. Unfortunately I fear that it is going the other way at the moment, where the internet is used to strategically place misinformation and spread rumors. Which brings me to politics…

From my perception, we focus to much on individuals when it comes to politics. Moreover on what the individuals say rather than their actions and plans to solve our society’s problems. To be honest, I am far away from grasping the implications their decisions have (and I guess often enough, the people making the decisions feel the same way). The problem is, that our focus (the voter’s focus) also determines the focus of the politicians, since they want to stay in office of course. So as long as we do not understand the decisions they make and only focus on how they are doing in front of the camera, that is exactly what they also will focus on, too. Therefore I wish to give them a harder time by trying to understand how everything works and maybe spread the word about ideas and concepts that I learn. And now I will pad myself on the shoulder for finally completing this Blog Challenge and hopefully get back to you soon.


  1. David

    Well done Uli! But please don’t stop now, your blog is really inspiring.
    I like your idea of taking away the prey of manipulation and doing more with our minds. I wanna try from now on to start thinking about my reasons buying something and asking myself if I really need it or if the sales-sign is just too big to get unnoticed.

    And I totally agree with you on politics. You can see it in the voting posters, the faces got bigger and the information less (just some catching headlines mostly addressing the voters fears these times).

    • Uli

      Thank you David, I am glad you like my ideas and I totally agree on the voting posters and the exploitation of people’s fears!

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