What’s one thing you are proud of?

After having caught the flu and fallen into a rut for a week, it is time for me to get this writing thing going again with today’s writing prompt of the Blog Challenge. So, one thing I am proud of? Starting this blog! No matter where it takes me or even when I later look back and shake my head about my silly ideas and articles I wrote, I am proud of one thing. Having done it! Hell, if people ask me “So, what do you do?” I can now answer that I am a writer (maybe with my best Nick Miller imitation). How cool is that? But that is not the thing that matters actually.

The thing that matters was that I overcame all my fears of doing it. The fears of putting something of myself out there, for literally anyone to read and anyone to judge (if by chance they found their way to my blog). Especially the latter, the fear of judgement, still drives me insane sometimes. But on the other hand this lets me to be proud of every single post I put up here, since I still have to overcome this fears and second guessing. No matter how silly it sounds, just writing these few words make me smile again in astonishment that I am really doing this. Me, who usually keeps his thoughts to himself.

Another beautiful thing about this will hopefully be that it is a long process to be proud of. In fact I think I too often neglect the process behind the things I do. Like when we collect some skills over the years and in hindsight everything does not look so hard anymore and not worth mentioning. For me, I had big troubles being proud of my bachelor and master’s thesis. I kept thinking, “Boy, have you been blind? Why didn’t you get this done sooner?” etc. At the end of a process of becoming familiar with a particular topic anyone could easily say that to himself and thereby neglecting the process one went through. Here, my posts will always show my process and I am determined to be proud of every single one. Not because they are any good, but because I published them without being perfect and try to grow in the process.

As for the Sherlock Holmes reference, I think he is most proud about being the self-claimed (at least in some Holmes’ stories, don’t know about the originals) world’s best detective. But he also seems to be aware of the process that made him as skillful as he is, since he keeps this process ongoing by setting up various exercises for himself in his free time to sharpen his skills.


  1. You’re right Uli. it’s a long process, and you’ve done brilliantly to get started.

    May you continue growing from strength to strength. Keep the process always in mind – write 300 words a day, and you’ll soon see that TSB has grown into a fabulous blog.

    • uli

      Thank you so much, Vishal! I will attempt to do so and 300 words sounds like a good target to hit on 🙂

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