Why I called this thesherlockblog.com

This will be another post to get me accustomed to writing or writing something that other people would be able to read. I want to explain a little why I chose this name for the Blog and a little more what I am trying to do here. First of all I initially meant to name this Blog simply “sherlockblog.com”, but this domain was already taken by some company I think which makes money by blocking domain names and then selling it off without ever doing anything with it. The “sherlockblog.com” domain is for sale for 2.695 $ at the time of writing, which seems a little bit over my budget. So that’s the reason I put up a “the” before the name. Gladly that company did not think about taking this one too.

But why associate my Blog with one of the greatest fictional detectives who ever was imagined. It sounds a bit presumptuous and bold when I think of it that way, but we will see if I will be able to apply some of his methods here. You never know until you try right? But first, lets talk about my “relationship” with Sherlock.

To be honest I was never a big fan of Sherlock Holmes until recently. I have never read any of the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and only have watched a few Holmes movies. He always seemed to be some super smart superhero like any other with special abilities to solve crimes. But then I read the book “Mastermind” by Maria Konnikova. It’s about “How to think like Sherlock Holmes” and this turned me into a huge fan of the detective. In the book the detective’s methods are analysed in detail with a lot of psychological background from today and many references to the original Sherlock Holmes stories. The author excerpts the paragraphs where Holmes teaches Watson, or us, the reader, his methods. I am planning to write a full book review on this one. Actually I have been planning on doing that since January, the time I finished the book. Now I started to read the originals, always on the lookout for any insights the great Sherlock Holmes is willing to share with Watson. That in itself makes the read kind of like a little detective game which I take much pleasure in. I also started to watch a series called “Elementary” with Sherlock Holmes in today’s time and Dr. Watson being a woman. I can only recommend everything from the above to anyone who comes across reading this.

Now that we have covered how I got to be obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, back to my Blog. The idea naming my Blog after him came only last Thursday, so about four days ago. Because it made much sense to me, this is maybe why I finally managed to put it up. I had a lot of ideas before like making the blog about methods from my field software engineering applied to real life, but then I struggled again with coming up with an awesome name and the fear of actually not being able to constantly write about such particular topic. So the idea of the Sherlock Blog came to me on this Thursday, after a rough work day, where I had not accomplished what I wanted to. And the main reason was that I lacked enough experience and background information on the task that I was assigned to. I ended up asking myself what Sherlock Holmes would do or would have done even before being assigned to a difficult task. He would definitely have done a huge amount of leg work, maybe pulling all-nighters and reading on every source about the topic that he could get it hands on until he would have understood the nature of the problem. Of course this is probably not a healthy lifestyle with way to much sleep deprivation, but doing some research on the background of the problem in order to understand it better sounds pretty legit. Instead I was trying to solve it with what I already knew (which was not enough in this case) and tried guessing solutions, hoping that they would work, so I could move on to the next task. In my field, this is often called “programming by coincidence”.

At the end of the day I was very unhappy with my way of tackling this problem and solemnly vowed to myself to change this in the future. This mixed with the ever existing desire to start a blog somehow made it pretty obvious of what I had to do now. Start a blog associated with Sherlock Holmes, dissect my problems or things that interest me to little pieces and state it to other people. Like my favorite  Holmes quote says “Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person”. Other aspects that I like about choosing this name is that it gives me a theme or voice to talk through, like Maria Konnikova often does in her book with letting Holmes or Watson speak and the fact that this does not bind me to any topics, so that I can write about really almost everything that comes to my mind. As Holmes often investigated in many fields which seem not very close related with solving crimes at first sight, but in the end give him the crucial edge over his fellow detectives. For me it will not be about solving crimes, but solving my life’s problems and I am willing to investigate in anything that sounds promising to be useful some day.

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